Push trolley for outdoor application and use in food production

Push trolley corrosion resistant

GHFR1250 + 2500, up to 1250 kg
  • Corrosion resistant manual trolley for steel beams
  • Manual or electric chain hoist moved manually
  • Load wheels made of stainless steel
  • Spindle corrosion resistant
  • Side plates cataphoresis coated with fall and climbing protection
  • Flange width infinitely variable

Technical specifications

Standard version

Maximum load capacities

GHFR1250: 630 kg, GHFR2500: 1250 kg

Flange widths

GHFR1250: 70 - 140 mm (option: 70 - 240 mm), GHFR2500: 88 - 200 mm (option: 88 - 300 mm)

Minimum curve radius (with carrier roller)

GHFR1250: 1300 mm, GHFR2500: 1800 mm


Side plates cataphoresis coated and load wheels made of stainless steel

Load wheels

Load wheels for flat running surfaces

Support bolt

Axe résistant à la corrosion


Fall and climbing protection

Special features:

  • Load wheels, support bolt and screws made of stainless steel
  • Side plates cataphoresis coated coated, resistant against water, oils, scant alkalis and acids

Customer's benefit

Demands in the food industry (e.g. cheesemaking or meat processing) are particularly stringent. The corrosion-resistant push trolley GHFR is ideal for such applications.

Load wheels with a larger diameter can be matched to the beam surface ensure a longer service life and optimum running properties.

The flange width is infinitely variable by means of a new type of adjustment system and can be fixed easily by using the a locking function. This makes assembly on site easier.

Optionally available support carrier rollers ensure smooth running in curves

Accessories & options

  • Carrier rollers for cornering
  • Convex load wheels made of stainless steel
  • Plastic load wheels
  • Special support bolts for special flange widths
  • Load temperature grease for bearings to the load wheels

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