Mobile crane for workplace

Mobile slewing jib crane

up to 250 kg
  • Easy to transport
  • Use at different locations
  • Pillar of slewing jib crane with a concrete base
  • No anchorage on the floor
  • Slewing range up to 270°
  • Jib length on request
  • Jib made of GISKB steel or aluminium hollow profile or IPE steel beam

Technical specifications

Standard version

Jib arm

GISKB steel or aluminium, IPE steel beam or articulated jib arm

Maximum load capacity

400 kg

Maximum jib length

4 m

Pillar height

3.8 m

Slewing range

270° stepless (manually)

Colour pillar

Light grey RAL 7035

Colour jib arm

Light grey RAL 7035 (GISKB steel, IPE and articulated jib arm) or natural-coloured anodised (GISKB Alu jib arm)

Travel movement

Manually or electrically (Electric tug frequency controlled)

Power supply

Trailing cable


Pillar of slewing jib crane with a concrete base

Lifting device

To be combined with electric chain hoist GP

Customer's benefit

The mobile slewing jib crane allows the handling of loads at different locations.
This mobility in case of temporary workplaces or workplaces to be set up, but also in case of machine reconstructions and repairs is appreciated.

Accessories & options

  • Radio control or roving pendent
  • Special paints or galvanised version
  • Slewing jib crane and hoisting equipment for outdoor operation
  • ATEX version for potentially explosive environment
  • Special jib lengths
  • Special pillar heights
  • Swivel limitations
  • GIS manual chain hoist as lifting device
  • Power supply through C-rail or conductor line


Mobile slewing crane can be conveniently moved to the next work stationIn joinery, mobile slewing crane offers maximum flexibility when setting up the workplaceConvenient material handling with slewing crane and electric chain hoist

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