25. August 2022

Apprentice camp 2022

The annual camp to start the new apprenticeship year took our apprentices to the Kemmeriboden-Bad area. During the 2-day camp, they helped repair the damage from the July 4 storm and restore a picnic area.

Already for the 7th time the new apprenticeship year started for our apprentices with the very popular camp. For 2 days they went to the Kemmeriboden-Bad area. A storm in this region at the beginning of July had not only severely damaged the well-known restaurant, but also affected hiking trails, bridges and picnic areas.

The task of the 17 participating apprentices was, among other things, to gravel part of the hiking trails and bring them back into good condition. In addition, a picnic area had to be refurbished, including a fireplace with a suitable shelter for firewood. The eye-catcher of the repaired place is undoubtedly the grill with 2 height-adjustable grates, which was designed, manufactured and built by the GIS apprentices - in training as design engineers, polymechanics, commercial clerks - in perfect teamwork.

Distributed over 3 locations, the apprentices showed great commitment in the work to be done. The reward was a fine dinner and a pleasant evening in the group accommodation Rosegg. The pride in what was achieved, as well as the camaraderie, will ensure that the camp will be remembered fondly by the participants.



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