Control 4 canales DC

Control directo
  • Controlador directo para grupo de 4 motores
  • En caja de plástico estable y ligera
  • Para motores controlados directamente
  • Con parada de emergencia bloqueable
  • Con indicador de fase y "ready"

Especificaciones tecnicas


Número de canales


Tipo de control

Maletín móvil

Tipo de polipasto

Controlado directo

Dimensiones exteriores

464 x 366 x 176 mm


8 kg


380-415 V / 3 Ph / 47-63 Hz

Entrada de alimentación

Enchufe CEE 32 A - 3P+N+E

Salidas de potencia y control

4x Enchufes CEE 16 A 3P+E


2 brakers por cada 2 enchufes de salida: máx. 20 amperios

Beneficio del cliente

(Actualmente solo hay traducción al inglés disponible. Nos disculpamos)

Designed for audio and video applications to lift a line-array, truss or a screen. This hoist controller can control simultaneously 4 electric chain hoists. A durable and lightweight controller which can be transported easily for any of your jobs. The controller is equipped with 32 A CEE connector for the power supply.

Strong & waterproof case
Protected by a waterproof case made of copolymer polypropylene. Our controller is resistant to impacts, dust and rain. You can take it with you anywhere, even in the sometimes harsh environment of shows and festivals!

Steel framework
Our hoist controller isn't an empty shell ! It is strengthened with a galvanized steel framework which provides a strong and durable anchor to the components, ensuring that they will stay in place as time goes by.

Thermal magnetic circuit breakers
This kind of breaker is specifically designed for eletric motors and protects your hoist against power surges and short circuits whilst allowing the intensity peak that occurs when starting electric hoists.

Lockable emergency stop
The emergency stop button offers an immediate and grouped stop of the hoists when a dangerous situation occurs. It needs the key to be unlocked, ensuring that the operator does not resume lifting operations without being aware of that an emergency situation has previously occured. It can also be used to simply lock the controller in order to make sure it will not be used when the operator is away.

Phase indicator lights
Check your power input to make sure that all phases are present before using the controller, to avoid damaging your hoists!

'READY' indicator
This light indicates that your controller is ready for action : all 3 phases are present, the E-Stop is disengaged and none of your circuit breakers is tripped (only for controllers that have several circuit breakers).

As an option, the controller can also be equipped with an additional Harting or Socapex output, allowing the use of a multicore cable between the controller and the hoist.

Accesorios y opciones

  • SMART-LINK para la conexión de varios controles
  • Control con más canales
  • Control con salida adicional de Harting o Socapex