Electric chain hoist explosion proof ATEX version

Electric chain hoist explosion proof

GP250 – 2500 ATEX, up to 6300 kg
  • Electric chain hoist explosion proof ATEX version
  • Available in a dust- and gasproof execution
  • For zones 22 (D) and 2 (G)
  • Protection class IP65
  • Option: motorised trolley in ATEX version

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Technical specifications

Standard version

Maximum load capacities (1 or 2 falls)

GP250: 400/630 kg, GP500: 800/1250 kg, GP1000: 1600/2500 kg, GP1600: 2500/4000 kg, GP2500: 3200/6300 kg

Standard voltages

3 × 400 V / 50 Hz, 3 × 230 V / 50 Hz

3 phase motor

1 or 2 lifting speeds


42 V low voltage control

Protection class



Eyebolt suspension

Standard lifting height

3 m

Control switch

ATEX control switch with emergency-stop and external strain relief

Control cable length

1,8 m

Limit switch

Geared limit switches for highest and lowest hook position

Isolation class (motor)


DC spring-loaded brake

Overload protection

Slipping clutch adjustable and not in the flow of forces

Dust-proof version:

  • Equipment group II, Equipment category 3
  • Zone 22 (D)
  • Temperature = <130 °C
  • With temperature monitoring

Gas-proof version:

  • Equipment group II, Equipment category 3
  • Zone 2 (G), 22 (D)
  • Temperature class = T3
  • With temperature monitoring
  • Operation interruption in the event of a pressure drop

Customer's benefit

Explosive atmospheres can arise in many branches of industry, for example in the extraction of raw materials, in the chemical or petrochemical industry, in food production or also in energy supply. Electrical lifting equipment used in an explosive environment must be designed so that it does not become a source of ignition. GIS electric chain hoists provide protection against dust or gas. This gasproof execution guarantees maximum safety: The entry of gas is avoided through an overpressure in the housing. At a lost of pressure in the housing the power will be cut immediately.

Accessories & options

  • Worldwide operating and control voltages 
  • Hook suspension
  • Safety load hook
  • Chain bucket for various lifting heights
  • Corrosion resistant version
  • Electric and push trolleys