Entertainment industry

In theatres, schools, sports centres, multi-purpose halls, arenas, convention centres, TV studios or concert tours GIS electric chain hoists are in use worldwide. They are quiet in operation, light and compact, which is why they are ideally suited for the special requirements of the entertainment industry. Whether as a permanent installation in opera houses such as Zurich, Helsinki and Sydney, in O2 arenas like Berlin or Prague or as a climbing hoist in mobile events: our customers appreciate the reliability and operational safety of GIS electric chain hoists and the corresponding durability.


Electric chain hoists carry truss under stadium roofElectric chain hoists lift trusses in ice hockey stadiumElectric chain hoists LP carry loudspeaker towers onto outdoor stageElectric chain hoists with motor trolleys in Samsung hall ZurichGIS Electric chain hoists carry loudspeakers onto indoor stageGIS Electric chain hoists carry truss in stadiumGIS Electric chain hoists carry trusses with lighting

Information and assistance

Local applications
  • Open air
  • Concert halls
  • Theatre
  • Multi-purpose halls
  • TV studios
  • Shopping centres
  • Museums
  • Exhibitions
  • Trade fair halls
  • Sports centres

Product recommendation
  • GIS electric chain motor LPM: D8 up to 400 kg and D8 PLUS up to 250 kg
  • GIS electric chain motor LPML D8 up to 500 kg and LPL up to 1000 kg
  • GIS electric chain motor LP: D8 up to 6300 kg, D8 PLUS up to 2500 kg and C1 up to  2000 kg

Products in use

In addition to standard solutions, we also offer special products that are often in demand for this market: