From project planning to installation, we support our customers with advice and assistance. As manufcaturer of electric chain hoists and system supplier of complete crane systems, we can respond to specific customer demands. Our customers particularly value the variety of accessories and options. Our high product quality and readiness to deliver make us a reliable and competent partner worldwide.

News from the world of GIS AG

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25. August 2022

Apprentice camp 2022

The annual camp to start the new apprenticeship year took our app ...

GIS motors hold a stage system for light installations and theatre curtains
11. Juli 2022

GIS motors in historic sugar factory

In Ljubljana, the historic Cukrarna sugar factory was transformed ...

20. Juni 2022

New GIS D8 motor for a lifting capacity of 2000 kg

In addition to the very successfully launched D8 motors LPML250 a ...

29. April 2022

The GIS trainees visit Mercedes-Benz

This year's apprentice excursion took our trainees to Germany. Th ...

Electric chain hoist with frequency inverter for continuous operation and precise positioning of the load
24. Februar 2022

GP1600/GP2500 with frequency inverter

The GP1600 and GP2500 electric chain hoists are now available in ...

Rigging system with GIS motors in indoor arena
16. Februar 2022

GIS motors at Chengdu Phoenix Hill Sports Park

Swiss quality is catching on in China. Our GIS motors have recent ...

2. Februar 2022

Successful re-certification

Our CEO Ivan Muri and Operations Manager Michael Fischer are plea ...

28. Januar 2022

Chain hoists as objects of art

Our Russian sales partner RURO will present the current range of ...

2. Dezember 2021

GIS Christmas Party

The traditional Christmas party for the employees of GIS AG took ...

12. November 2021

Future day 2021

As part of the nationwide Future Day, some children accompanied t ...

30. August 2021

Apprentice camp 2021

During the 2-day camp in Flühli, the apprentices mastered severa ...

Synchronous electric chain hoists lift and transport boat
23. Juli 2021

Boat testing in the water basin with the aid of GIS chain hoists

During the winter months, boats prefer it dry. MMC GmbH offers pa ...

The space-saving design makes optimum use of the room height
15. Juni 2021

Service and maintenance crane for the new Rägelerhof groundwater pumping station successfully in operation

The security of drinking water supply for the municipality of Oft ...

SCL Tigers video cube with 114 m2 LED surface, held by three GIS motors
15. April 2021

Gigantic video cube at the SCL Tigers - held by three GIS chain hoists

The new video cube hangs imposingly from the roof of the modernis ...

Crane system with electric chain hoist for the transport of metal beams
19. April 2021

GIS chain hoist with a GISKB crane as a helping "third hand"

A successful small crane concept is in use in the workshop of Vuk ...

The concert hall with the basic framework of the rigging system with electric chain hoists and motor trolleys
25. Oktober 2019

SAMSUNG HALL Zurich: Intelligent GIS rigging system ensures maximum flexibility and security

An innovative rigging system from GIS AG ensures maximum flexibil ...


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