crane systems

Light crane systems

The GISKB light crane system is the perfect solution for the fast and safe overhead transport of your goods. Due to its flexible and modular design the crane system can be tailored to the needs of your workplace. Supported by hollow profiles made of steel or aluminium, materials can be moved in a linear direction or to cover an area – additionally, GISKB wall-mounted slewing jib cranes or pillar slewing jib cranes are available. The GISKB II profile is also approved as a horizontal personal safety system in accordance with DIN EN 795:2012.

Travelling cranes

GIS travelling cranes define the overhead material transport up to 6300 kg lifting capacity in terms of efficiency. Our objective is rational and area covering goods handling. Based on structural and customer's requirements, we offer and realise the appropriate, robust and durable solution in design, ergonomics and safety.

Slewing jib cranes

GIS pillar- and wall-mounted slewing jib cranes offer a simple and functional solution for ergonomic goods handling. Depending on the desired load capacity, the jib working radius and the running properties, aluminium or steel profiles are used. In combination with a GIS electric chain hoist and a trolley (manual or electric), a GIS vacuum-handling system or another load-handling device, you get a complete crane system from one source – directly from the Swiss manufacturer.


A wide range of options and accessories ensure practical solutions for every application. The electric chain hoists can be individually adapted to the application and the transported goods. The aim is always to offer the simplest and most ergonomic solution possible to the operator.


In the showroom at our factory in Schötz, we present the wide range of GIS products, from the chain hoist for synchronous lifting, to the vacuum lifter for wooden panels, to the various types of slewing jib cranes. Start your virtual tour through our showroom here.