Overhead crane for the manual movement of goods

Crane system GISKB Alu

up to 630 kg
  • Crane system with aluminium profiles GISKB Alu
  • As single or double bridge suspended crane or monorail
  • For regular or optimised construction height
  • Suspension crane track and monorail pendulating
  • Manual crane and cross travel
  • Perfect smooth running of the trolleys

Technical specifications

Standard version

Maximum load capacity

630 kg

Profile sizes

4 (GISKB I, II, III, IV), to be combined flexibly

Colour beams

Natural-coloured anodised


Monorail or single/double bridge suspended crane standard or low headroom execution

Crane and cross travel



Trolleys and rolling apparatuses with quiet plastic rollers


Suspension pendulating short or distanced

Power supply

Trailing cable, C-rail or external conductor line

Customer's benefit

Simple installation
Thanks to the low weight of the aluminium profiles and the flexible connection options equipment installation is carried out quickly and easily.
The modular construction-kit system allows smooth retrofitting or extension of an existing crane system at any time.

Perfect smooth running
Due to the excellent running properties of the low moving mass the working speed is increased while positioning is precise.
This leads to significantly shorter cycle times, which has a positive effect on the production costs.

Functional design
The modular construction-kit system can be configured flexibly and can easily be integrated into every existing or new infrastructure.
The natural-coloured anodised crane rails make the crane system appear sophisticated. Height differences can be compensated easily.

Accessories & options

  • Suspended cranes with one or two-sided telescopic jib
  • Crane tracks with several transverse bridges
  • Feeestanding system
  • Combination with GISKB Steel or IPE beams
  • Special suspensions
  • Power supply via energy chain
  • Roving pendant


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