Metal and steel processing

GIS travelling cranes, light crane systems or slewing jib cranes with electric chain hoist and trolley are used in this industry primarily for internal transport of goods. For particularly difficult local or spatial conditions we also design special constructions as telescopic cranes, cranes in low profile design for optimum utilisation of the room height or free-standing crane systems with unshielded or insufficiently resilient building structure.


Storage and removal of panels with shelf storage operation unitConsole crane with pick-up device for metal rodsMetal rails are lifted and moved with a GIS overhead craneElectric chain hoists are used to move metal plates for the manufacturing process.The crane bridge can be telescopically extended to cover a larger working areaTravelling crane with electric chain hoist and lifting magnet lifts steel profilesElectric chain hoists in tandem operation lift steel profilesLight crane system with electric chain hoist in mechanical workshopLight crane system with electric chain hoist in mechanical workshopElectric chain hoist low headromm version lowers load in immersion bathOverhead crane in warehouse for aluminium rolling diesHandling of stacking box made of sheet steel by means of articulated column slewing crane with electric chain hoist handy telescope modelMachine loading by means of an articulated column slewing crane with electric chain hoist handy telescope model Suspended crane with electric chain hoists lift steel pipesSlewing pillar crane with vacuum lifter lifts large metal plate

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Local applications
  • Raw material stock
  • Forwarding
  • Processing centre
  • Loading equipment
  • Sheet metal processing
  • Engine rooms
  • Outdoor use
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Material testing

Products in use

In addition to standard solutions, we also offer special products that are often in demand for this market: