Crane system for the efficient storage and retrieval of panels and pallets in the warehouse

Shelf storage operation unit

up to 500 kg
  • For efficient shelf storage operation unitl of boards and pallets
  • Lifting by vacuum lifter or lifting fork
  • Optimum use of room height
  • Lifting guide up to 360° slewable
  • Tilting device available
  • Electrically/manually movable

Technical specifications

Vacuum lifter model
In this model the boom is equipped with suction surfaces.
This allows the boards / plates laid horizontally to be taken by one person from the shelf without any effort.
The squat design of the suction unit also allows optimum space utilization of the shelves.
With the optional tilting device, the boards / plates can be taken horizontally from the shelf and positioned vertically for machining.
This design is very useful in the wood or sheet metal processing industries for conveying all kinds of boards / plates into and out of the shelves.
The size and physical properties of the load determine the appropriate type of lifter.

Fork lift model
The two-armed fork lift as boom is emrnently suitable for placing pallets onto and out of the shelves.
The fork lift model is in demand wherever pallets of any kind have to be temporarily stored on shelves.

Customer's benefit

The GIS shelf storage and retrieval unit allows the eccentric lifting of loads whtle taking the maximum advantage of room height.
The rigid load guide is fitted with a crash safety device and ensures accurate positioning of the particular workpiece.
The boom can be equipped with various pick-up devices.

The lifting movement is effected by the GIS electric chain hoist.
Shelves arranged parallel can be accessed in a space-saving manner with the 360" slewable device.
The crane system provides manual or electrical shifting features.

Accessories & options

  • Tilting device
  • Various pick-up devices available


Crane system for lifting and moving metal platesCrane system for the efficient storage and retrieval of panels and pallets in the warehouseTools are stored in the warehouse with a crane systemWooden beams are lifted into the rack with a crane system


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