Systems + components


A variety of special versions and a large range of accessories ensure practical solutions for every application. Whether the transport goods have to be tilted or turned, we support you with the customer-specific handling system.


There are many different ways and methods how to control and operate cranes and handling systems. No matter if it is a central control system to coordinate the movements of a travelling crane or a remote control which offers a maximum of flexibility and safety. We rely on decades of experience to respond to customer-specific requirements and to find the perfect solution for you.

Power supply

Great attention is paid to the electrical equipment. Not only the energy supply of all motor-driven components, but also the control calls for clear and orderly planning. So we are using single or combined systems such as trailing cable, C-rail, conductor line or an energy chain. The conditions are determined by the customer’s requirements and local conditions.

Diverse components

Our product range does offer a variety of special versions and accessories which can be adjusted perfetly to the work piece. The objective is to offer the user the simplest and most ergonomic solution possible.


In the showroom at our factory in Schötz, we present the wide range of GIS products, from the chain hoist for synchronous lifting, to the vacuum lifter for wooden panels, to the various types of slewing jib cranes. Start your virtual tour through our showroom here.