1. Mai 2023
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Apprentice excursion with focus on asphalt

This year's apprentice excursion was all about asphalt. First, the GIS apprentices visited the asphalt mines in Val-de-Travers, before the afternoon was dedicated to melting the asphalt at the kart track in Lyss.

This year's GIS AG apprentice excursion took place on April 21, 2023 under the motto "everything to do with asphalt".
The trainees set off early in the morning in the direction of Neuchâtel. The first destination of the day was the asphalt mines of La Presta. Equipped with helmets and pocket torches, they took part in a tour of the impressive underground labyrinth, which was created as a result of three centuries of asphalt mining. 

The apprentices then had lunch at the adjacent "Café des Mines". In keeping with the theme of the day, the menu included a ham cooked in asphalt, which was very well received.

In the afternoon, the GIS travel group tried to put the knowledge acquired in the morning into practice and to melt the asphalt of the race track in Lyss with their karts, whereby in the hairpin curve the asphalt occasionally ran out and led to unintentional excursions into the botany.
After practice and qualifying sessions, the winner of the day was chosen in a 24-minute race. Not entirely surprisingly, one of the favourites, motocross rider Nico Lang, came out on top.

After the award ceremony and team photo, we returned to Schötz and ended an exciting and instructive excursion full of fun, action, socialising and a lot of asphalt.


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