19. April 2024
Apprentice Department

GIS apprentices visit logistics centre

As part of the traditional apprentice excursion, our apprentices were given an exciting insight into the BRACK.CH logistics centre this year. Afterwards, it was up to our apprentices to demonstrate their own performance in a paintball duel.

This year's excursion for the GIS apprentices centred on the topic of "delivery". The aim was to find out where most of the parcels that end up in Swiss households come from. Wrong guess, the excursion didn't take our apprentices to Santa Claus at the North Pole - of course we couldn't have done without their services for that long - but to Willisau, not far away, where the Competec Group's logistics centre is located. This company includes the online retailer BRACK.CH. The tour of the company provided an exciting look behind the scenes. We walked past the impressive high-bay warehouses with their automated storage and retrieval machines, observed the tireless robots in the small parts warehouse, marvelled at the highly efficient packing stations and admired the driving skills of the employees on their forklift trucks.

After the impressions of the hectic daily routine in the logistics centre, it was time for a short break. At lunch in Sursee, the Baragge team in particular really delivered. Most of them had a schnitzel with fries on the menu, always an excellent choice of course.

And what would an excursion be without a good dose of action? The trainees went to the paintball arena in Emmen in the afternoon. Divided into two teams, the aim was to show their colours, or rather to cover the opposing team with them. Some were able to make a convincing case for themselves as the new James Bond. For others, however, a job as a billboard or graffiti wall would probably be the only option.

But be that as it may, we are of course happy that everyone is concentrating on their apprenticeships as polymechanics and design engineers for the time being. In any case, the trip supplied plenty to talk about for the next few days. And "delivering" was the goal of the trip, so to speak.


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