23. Juli 2021

Boat testing in the water basin with the aid of GIS chain hoists

During the winter months, boats prefer it dry. MMC GmbH offers parking spaces for the cold winter months and makes the boats fit again for the coming summer. When it comes to servicing boat engines, GIS electric chain hoists play a key role.
Synchronous electric chain hoists lift and transport boat

Autumn comes earlier and earlier than many leisure time captains would like and boat owners have to bring their boats from the lake to land for the winter months. The company MMC GmbH in Knonau not only offers such parking spaces for wintering the boats, but also the complete well-being package for the watercraft, including winter care, maintenance and repairs.

A special feature is the annual service of the outboard engines. To ensure optimal cooling, the technicians are only allowed to operate them in the water. For this purpose, MMC GmbH uses an artificial water basin without a lake being available. For transport from the boat trailer into the basin, the boat is attached at the front and back to GIS electric chain hoists of the GP type with a load capacity of 2500 kg each, which lift the boat horizontally and lower it into the basin. Motorised trolleys of the GMF series are responsible for the lateral displacement. By means of safety radio control, all lifting and travelling movements can be conveniently controlled from a distance in order to be able to place the valuable load safely and with centimetre accuracy.

We would like to thank MMC GmbH for their trust in our products and for the interesting insight into their daily routine.


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A boat is lifted from the boat trailer with chain hoists
Synchronous electric chain hoists lift and transport boat
Boats are lifted and lowered by means of a crane system

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